Tips for Travelling by Air with Your Mobility Scooter

September 20, 2021

Tips for Travelling by Air with Your Mobility Scooter

Although flying with a mobility scooter used to be an awkward, complex process, there are scooters out there today that can easily make the dream of getting on a flight an attainable reality. We’ve compiled some of our hands-on experience into practical tips you can learn from as you plan your trip.

Useful information you should know before planning your flight

In the past, to most people that rely on a mobility scooter, travelling by air was daunting to say the least. international airports necessitate walking great distances, airlines could ask you to check your scooter with baggage, and the fear of extra support expenses could be a powerful deterrent. But over recent years, technology has stepped up to transform the mobility scooter so that taking a flight is no longer such a challenging issue.

Scooters today are faster, less cumbersome and more adaptable than ever before. Some are even designed to help you achieve your most ambitious travel goals safely and conveniently. That said, there are a few important things you should keep in mind before you make your travel plans.

Here are some of the winning guidelines we’ve compiled from our hands-on experience with world travel over the years. Make sure you read through them and implement them as you make your plans for take-off.

1. Make sure you are travelling with an approved lithium battery. Non-spill, lithium batteries are one of the great developments to enter the disability solutions field over recent years. Today, the vast majority of electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters are powered by a lithium battery that has been designed for approval by most airlines. Find a mobility scooter with easy removal and replacement of the battery, so that you don’t have to spend time going through an awkward process every time you go through a checkpoint. It’s also a good idea to call the airline ahead to make sure they are one of the lithium battery approvers, and let them know you will be traveling with them so they can offer support.

2. Did you know that there are scooters are out there that don’t require baggage check?ATTO MOBILITY SCOOTER  - PERFECT FOR TRAVELBeing equipped to travel acorss the airport on your scooter only to find out you have to check it with your baggage and be wheeled (at extra cost and time) onto the airplane, is extremely frustrating. Today, you can choose a scooter that allows you to drive it all the way onto the plane, easily fold it and simply store it in the overhead compartment - like a trolley suitcase. You no longer have to be the last to board and leave the plane just because you have a scooter!

3. Make sure your scooter is well protected. Folding mobility scooters are a high-priced item you probably cannot be without. As such, they must be protected from any damage that a trip of this kind can expose them too. Buy a durable cover for your scooter and be sure to photograph your undamaged vehicle before the trip just for the record.

4. Get your scooter accessories ready. Often people with limited mobility need to use crutches, canes and other medical equipment with them at all times and this can get awkward when you have extra luggage, a spare battery and travel papers to carry and access recurrently. Todays’ scooters can be complemented with great accessories that attach easily to the scooter and make travel more convenient. accessories for your scooter

Although overseas travel is often associated with long distance walking, and technical obstacles and/ or extra expenses, you really should learn more about the great innovations that are increasingly available for you to take advantage of. For anyone with second thoughts about bringing a less-mobile loved one along on a trip, or for anyone who has been avoiding travel, using the right kind of mobility scooter and high-quality accessories will transform any type of travel from a daunting challenge into a memorable adventure.
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