Always Home Demo a Mobility Scooter – Here’s Why

September 20, 2021

Always Home Demo a Mobility Scooter – Here’s Why

An Interview with Mobility Solution Expert Stefan Cohrs, Owner and GM of Movinglife

“Seeing a potential customer’s eye light up when they are presented with a mobility solution that meets their needs accurately, knowing that I am essentially offering them freedom and independence, that they are already enthusiastically planning an unassisted trip to the grocery store or to run errands; these are the moments I enjoy most about my work.”>/i> Stefan Cohrs, Owner and GM of Movinglife.

The Story Behind the Free Home Demo Approach

This interview with Stefan tells the story behind the company’s belief in the importance of the home demo and its unique approach and expertise in helping people across the U.S. make an informed and optimal purchase with truly life-changing results.

Folding Scooter Store - Home Demo

Tell us about the Movinglife’s unique sales process…

We always start by personally connecting with our potential customers (phone call, SMS, email, mailing literature), so that we can get to know them beyond the initial request for information. Engaging in personal conversation – in a manner that is suited to each client’s preference - enables us to introduce ourselves, to present our various solutions and to see which could best meet their needs.

The next step will always be to set up a virtual or in-person demonstration, either at the person’s home, in our offices, or at any other location they feel comfortable with. This is the most important part of our process and we make a point of doing everything we can to make this happen.

How did you come up with this approach?

At No Boundaries, our previous business that sold mobility equipment, Norman and I were highly successful at tradeshows demonstrating products and it was clear that this was essential to the long-term success of every match we made.
When we started Movinglife, we trained our salespeople to perform a comprehensive demo, and with today’s technology, in-home demos and live virtual demos are allowing us to apply this approach across the board.

׳Across the board,׳ meaning you only sell following a demo? Why is this?

We prefer it this way because we believe that with a decision as big as which mobility solution to bring into your life, personal acquaintance it crucial to making a successful choice. With so many companies out there entering the space with no real experience or hands-on knowledge of the everyday needs of people with mobility impairments or a debilitating illness, we felt our expertise could really change things for the better.

What is the benefit of visiting to someone’s home in this process?

Getting to know someone with a mobility impairment in their home is the optimal way to helping them find a solution that will give them the freedom and independence they seek. Do they live in an apartment or in a home with a garage? Will they be travelling on paved roads or on gravel? Do they plan on taking the scooter on a commute or even on an airplane? We are allowed to build a connection that is deeper than a phone call and get to know their full scope of needs. Also, as with most products, “touching” the product, and “trying it out” goes a long way to making the right decision.

How do your prospects and customers react to this approach?

Most are surprised that we offer such a great service and welcome us in their home to see the product. It is a combination of how the rapport is started on the phone and what type of person is visiting the home. It’s a very private and intimate situation for most people and we respect that.

What would the regular process in most companies look like? What is the problem with this?

Most companies sell online and by phone, a huge variety of products. No one can really be an expert and their system doesn’t allow for spending a lot of time with each person. They prefer an automated sales process with the least amount of interaction to optimize expenses. The entire mobility solutions industry is built on this and prices can be low, but at what cost to the consumer?

What types of problems may arise from the purchase of a solution that does not “fit” the person or her lifestyle?

There is an endless slew of problems that can arise, from not being able to afford the solution or collect on insurance, to not being able to maneuver the scooter self-sufficiently for reasons of disability or weight. Many are left with more of a problem than they started out with.

Are there any clear warning signs one should avoid when seeking to engage with a vendor in this field?

Yes unfortunately. I would say first-off, be aware of bait and switch with Insurance and Medicare providers. They often say they will get you a scooter and you end up with a free power chair. Not portable, but free. Read the fine print on any online purchase with regard to warranty and return policy if the product isn’t what you thought a picture showed. Make sure to research as much as possible if the company doesn’t have an expert on hand to answer your questions.

What are your top 3 tips for someone just setting out on the journey of purchasing a mobility solution? What to do first?

Do your research, explore local vendors, watch videos and study specs. Then, try to find a company that will let you try the product out yourself to make sure it’s safe and comfortable; provides what you require.

As was made clear by Stefan, the ability to touch any product you purchase gives people an irreplaceable feel of the quality of a product. Trying the product on for size and usability, gives them the comfort that it’s truly right for them. Having direct personal contact with the salesperson is a guarantee of after-sale support. In times of uncertainty, companies like Movinglife, that continually demonstrate their dedication to unlocking freedom and independence for a much deserving audience, are emerging as the real winners of a very diverse and competitive landscape.

They continue to reach out and carry out live online demos supplemented by a money back guarantee and invite you to reach out with any questions an interest you may have.